The staff at FPT & Sports Care is caring and knowledgeable. The therapists are a critical part of the team in restoring function for my patients. I have confidence my patients will always get the excellent and timely care they need to optimize outcomes. My wife raves about her therapy experience following her low back surgery.

David Downs, M.D.

As an orthopedic surgeon, quality physical therapy is absolutely essential for excellent patient outcomes. For nearly 28 years I have utilized Fullerton Physical Therapy & Sports Care, as my preferred choice for my orthopedic patients. The skilled therapists and staff provide hands on therapy using state-of-the-art techniques to ensure optimal results. This is a privately owned community based therapist group who I recommend without reservation!

Stewart Shanfield, M.D.


Thank you for helping me get my life back. I’ll always be grateful.



Thank you for all you did to help my leg heal and be strengthened! You were a joy to work with and so encouraging.



Thank you for your excellent professional treatment.

Burt (Fighting Squadron Five)

To all Therapists and staff,

Thank you so much for all the excellent care and attention to seeing that our bodies are made whole and in better condition so we can function at a normal pace.

Love you all, Ellie & Rudy

Thank you for all your kindness and promptness in taking care of me.


Thank you for the great care and treatment you gave me. You truly care and have compassion for your patients.


To the staff and therapists,

Thank you for all your caring and smiles. You lift my spirits. The therapists are great and always so helpful with their expertise.