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"Fullerton Physical Therapy is definitely a 5-star Physical Therapy Practice! I have followed you from your location near St. Jude's Hospital to your current location near CSUF. You successfully treated my right knee and right shoulder! I have confidence your staff shall succeed again in guiding and treating me now for a back situation. I love this location too! Additionally, your personnel are friendly and the facility is attractive and neat looking."
Dec 06, 2023
"This facility did a great job helping me rehab from knee replacement. It starts with the receptionist. Shelley Salter greets you with a smile and makes you feel comfortable. Then you meet with Ron Cunningham or Ryan Hartshorn. They assess your progress from your in-house therapy and set up a program for you. The main assistant therapists that worked with me were Kyle Coburn and Wesley Jose. After my exercises, Jessica Flores assisted me with cooling down. She sets up icing the muscles & I am having a 2nd knee replacement and will request to be referred to this site, again. I was treated like a person, not a number. You can tell that these individuals care about helping you to get healthy. "
Jun 15, 2023
"The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly, and caring. I greatly appreciate their concern for my well-being. The center is clean and well-maintained. The staff at the front desk are very helpful in fitting my appointments into my busy schedule."
Dec 27, 2022
"The staff are kind, caring, and extremely knowledgeable in their practice. I've been to three other clinics over the last ten years and this was my best experience, as my progress after 8 sessions has already been life changing. I will not attend another PT clinic as long as I live in Southern California."
Dec 27, 2022
"Love this place. They truly care about helping you heal. Would highly recommend to everyone."
Nov 28, 2022
"Caring, knowledgeable staff made my recovery from knee replacement so much easier. They pushed me, but yet not to the point where I was in pain. They explained what to expect, what not to expect or do, and how we would get the best outcome. Would definitely recommend for PT!"
Nov 14, 2022
"Extremely caring and professional care! Trainers are excellent. Front desk courteous! Therapist knowledgeable! They care about your recovery! Excellent! Highly recommend!!"
Sep 06, 2022
"The facility is clean and open. I love that they have people wash their hands when they come in and that everyone wears masks. Every person I have interacted with had been friendly, kind, and very helpful. I did not know what to expect coming in having never done anything like this before. It has been a very positive experience for me."
Jul 28, 2022
"“Hats off” to Fullerton Physical Therapy! Another stellar experience with this quality group. Ron Cunningham has been my PT: and I appreciate his understanding of how the body does (and doesn’t) work. He has guided and recommended a program for me that has improved my mobility (not to perfection) but to a great improvement from where we began. I have had to accept his program rather than one that I was attempting to “revise” because I felt I could use a greater challenge. In Ron’s absence, I have seen Ryan and Wesley, both fine consultants. Both Kyle and Jon have been invaluable in my progress. They are knowledgeable, encouraging, and observing my exercises, free to correct my movements. The team seems to put my success factor foremost and treat me as a family member while I’m there. Their facility respects the safety of health precautious and maintains a cleanliness program making it high on my list for safety and well-being. Thankfully and Sincerely "
May 05, 2022
"Wendy is amazing! She isn't only knowledgeable she is personable. It's hard to find therapists as great as she is."
Apr 18, 2022
"People who show real concern for your well being. Practical exercises to use for wellness and preventive care. "
Apr 06, 2022
"First thing, they were highly recommended. Everyone is very professional. They take their time and work with you. They know your needs and focus directly within the area. Definitely I would highly recommend their facility. "
Apr 06, 2022
"Everyone has been very helpful, concerned, & friendly. That helps tremendously. But in addition, the therapy they have me doing is helpful. Thanks everyone at Fullerton PT."
Mar 22, 2022
"Thank you Ron, Kyle, and Jon! What a team! Never experienced PT, I was so impressed by the dedication of each team member to help me achieve my goal. I had a fractured humerus and the expertise in the management of my therapy was exceptional! So much so that I'm back for more, only this time its knees. I expect excellent results."
Mar 07, 2022
"Very knowledgeable staff. Ron is very smart in his field and knows a whole lot about knee replacement therapy and what needs to be done for the best outcome."
Feb 14, 2022
"I can see the improvement in my mobility With the therapy that I am receiving I am very happy with the therapist that I have worked with"
Feb 01, 2022
"Wendy is knowledgeable and I never feel rushed. I never looked forward to my appointments for PT until Wendy! Great place, always friendly and not long waiting time. "
Jan 25, 2022
"Wendy! She is easy to get along with she cares and she explains what she's doing and she's very attentive to what's going on with my injury."
Jan 13, 2022
"The quality of care from my therapist is exceptional. From the front office to the assistants in the gym, everyone is knowledgeable, personable, and caring. They want the patients to be successful."
Nov 29, 2021
"To date, I have found the staff to be helpful, polite and professional. As far as my therapy is going, the advice and exercises I am learning seem to be helpful . I know it is ultimately my responsibility to do the work now and in the future. I feel strongly that I can rely on the therapist to guide me in the right direction. "
Sep 27, 2021
"Fullerton PT is a wonderful place to receive the tools you need to fully recover. Personalized service and a great staff....everyone friendly and helpful. The facility is extremely well cleaned and maintained and they wipe down after each person touches a piece of equipment. They are all professionals! I give top ratings all the way around. "
Apr 12, 2021
"Amanda, Billy, Jon, Kendall, Kyle, Ron, Ryan and Wesley and your office staff: A Huge Thank You. I came, you saw, you created a program that has improved my mobility and I've learned the steps I can take to keep up the improvement at home. I love your "Team" and the personalized attention I've received. I will miss you in the New Year, but if (and I hope not) my body takes a "wrong turn" and I need to return, it will be a sweet reunion with all my old "friends." Thanks a million. Have a beautiful Christmas and a healthy New Year."
Dec 17, 2020
"Great place for recovery. Staff is all friendly, attentive, and appointments are easy to make. Both therapists Ron & Ryan are great in answering your questions and coming up with solutions for treatment. I was here for 12 weeks after full hip replacement and I'm so pleased at my progress . Definitely 5 stars."
Oct 01, 2020
"Great staff, clean facility. Nice equipment for therapy. Highly recommend this place."
Dec 18, 2019
"I started PT at Fullerton Physical Therapy, on advice of my orthopedic doctor, to see if that would remedy a painful shoulder injury....but without improvement over one month of therapy, my Orthopedic Dr. chose a surgical solution and one week later I was back at PT and am happy to say that five weeks of twice weekly PT vastly improved my range of motion, and eliminated the pain that had been constant when using that right shoulder. Each PT session started with brief consultation with Ron to see how the prescribed therapy was working, and if some variation of the exercise would produce the best results. Then I'd start my prescribed exercises, assisted by FPT staff to be sure all exercised were being done correctly. All the staff at this facility was courteous and helpful throughout the hour I typically spent there each visit (some 14 visits total). I highly recommend Fullerton Physical therapy should you be injured or just trying to expand your range of pain free motion as the inevitabilities of aging progress."
Oct 25, 2019
"The team at Fullerton Physical Therapy is committed to helping you through the Physical Therapy challenges. They are knowledgeable and will explain the exercises and help you fight through the difficulty. They give personal attention to everyone and work with you through every step... They are the best!"
Aug 05, 2019
"I began my experience with FPT after having knee replacement surgery. It is a pleasure to come to this office. The entire staff is very friendly, caring and professional. When my recovery from surgery was going too slow, the staff worked with me so I could achieve my goals-they really care about their patients and want them to succeed with their recovery. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend FPT to all my friends."
Aug 05, 2019
"I have been with FPT off and on for years after a bad car accident. Sarah is a Godsend. FPT is the best. Everyone is friendly, caring and very professional. I arrive in pain and feel so much better each and every time. I highly recommend FPT to anyone needing help."
Aug 01, 2019
"From my first phone call (a friendly voice helping me with all my questions) to the lovely, sparkling office (where I was waited on immediately) to the state of the art equipment and the compassionate people who helped me and greeted me with smiles and professionalism, I give my hearty endorsement....5 stars at the very least! I will recommend Fullerton Physical Therapy to all my family and friends. Thank you for treating me as an individual and not just a number."
Jul 10, 2019
"Fullerton Physical Therapy has helped me more than once. The most recent is rehab after surgery. Ron Cunningham and his staff are very friendly and helpful, as well as knowledgeable. I have found the therapy is effective and at a pace customized for me. The first floor location is great. I would recommend to anyone."
Jun 27, 2019
"I am so glad I found Fullerton Physical Therapy. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Therapists have a genuine concern for your well being. Aids take their time showing and informing you how to properly stretch. Appointments are easy and I feel I am receiving the best care here. I would highly recommend Fullerton Physical Therapy to anyone!"
Jun 21, 2019
"Best PT people. The staff are highly trained and understood my particular injury and were helpful getting me a shorter recovery than expected by all."
Mar 03, 2019
"The clerks in the office and front desk were great. Shelby and Stacey were so nice and helpful. The staff in the therapy room were also great."
Nov 18, 2018
"I give this facility a 5 star. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. I would definitely come back if I need PT again. "
Oct 24, 2018
"Great staff! Very helpful with positive attitudes. Everyone focused on helping patients, taking their tie and explaining exercises and treatment. Wonderful experience!"
Sep 24, 2018
"The best place to be if you need physical or occupational therapy! Great Team!"
Sep 04, 2018
"Ron has been my physical therapist twice, the first time before knee surgery and the second time for spine surgery rehabilitation. I received excellent service from his staff on both occasions. They are very professional and always courteous and on time. The facility, across the street from Cal State University Fullerton, is very clean and well maintained. And Ron is an excellent physical therapist! My back, and knees, are better than they have been in many years. "
Jul 25, 2018
"Terrific people, they know what they are doing. Excellent equipment and they provide great results "
Jul 20, 2018
"We love this place! Tom works really hard with my mom and we see so much progress when they work together. The staff is always nice and helpful. The facility is always clean and inviting. Thank you so much."
Jun 04, 2018
"Ron Okubo was thorough and fantastic! His exercises really helped get my hardworking again fast. I would highly recommend him."
Jun 04, 2018
"Excellent, very informed and polite. Luke is a born PT therapist. Understands every problem very well. I give him 5 stars. I mean it, he delivered it."
May 21, 2018
"I have had the pleasure of working with this group on 2 occasions, pre and post op major back surgery and I will say that it was always a positive experience for me on every visit. The Therapists and Trainers are upbeat, patient and fully understanding of what you are going through. Kudos to Ron and company and I'll probably never buy another Hawaiian shirt. "
May 04, 2018
"I broke my wrist and was assigned to hand specialist Ron. Over the weeks, Ron restored my wrist to its full motion capacity. He is extremely gentle, caring and considerate. He has a great sense of humor and his upbeat, charismatic personality made the whole experience very fun and positive. If you ever have a hand injury, working with Ron make you feel heaps better in more ways than one! "
May 04, 2018
"Fullerton Physical Therapy is the best Physical Therapy practice I have ever been to! They are very professional and really cared about me and my needs for recovery. My therapist, Ron, and his staff are soooo helpful, attentive, encouraging and supportive with a super positive can do attitude. They are all very welcoming and I felt very comfortable there like I was part of the Fullerton PT family. The facility is very new, nice and clean and had everything I needed for my therapy. I cannot recommend them highly enough...Fullerton Physical Therapy is awesome!!! "
Mar 11, 2018
Mar 05, 2018
"Everyone was so friendly and helpful. They made a painful process enjoyable. I am very happy with my recovery."
Feb 28, 2018
"I have been a client for several years. Everyone associated with this company is professional, courteous , friendly and helpful. I wouldn't hesitate recommending them to anyone in need of their services. "
Feb 21, 2018
"The therapy was very good and helpful to my recovery from knee replacement. 5 Stars. "
Feb 15, 2018
"Good therapy, great people, neat building."
Feb 09, 2018
"I have had to use physical therapy twice and both times I have used this facility and had Ron as my main therapist - I have never had a problem or concern that was not rectified correctly or to my benefit - I would highly recommend them to anyone."
Feb 09, 2018
"Good people. Clean building "
Feb 09, 2018
"I was totally satisfied with all explanations by Ron how I was going to be treated after first questioning me. Everybody was kind and willing to help. Place was very clean and after every treatment the tables were wiped clean, clean paper towers on the pillows, I was impressed. Besides Ron nI like to mention Brittany & Wes, how kind and patient they were with me."
Feb 01, 2018
"Been to several P.T. places in my lifetime but none compare to the service I've received from Ryan and the rest of the staff. They're all very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend them."
Jan 05, 2018
"Fullerton Physical Therapy is absolutely fantastic. I never have to wait, the physical therapists really listen and care, and the treatment I have received has been very effective. I started my treatment barely being able to turn my neck, and after a few weeks of treatment, I feel really good. These folks feel almost like family now. I’m so thankful to have found them. "
Dec 29, 2017

I have been coming here for years (both locations) due to injuries, each time they get me back to normal and teach preventative exercises/stretches. The entire staff is also welcoming, helpful, treat you respectfully and all work well with each other. I recently tried cupping for the first time and had amazing results. They also keep everything so clean and the equipment is up to date. They have an in-house Massage Therapist. I highly recommend Fullerton Physical Therapy.

– Hazel Rios

I have been a pt of Sarah for almost 2 years. During this time, she has addressed my discomfort and encouraged me during my recovery. The staffs @ FPT have always been helpful. I highly recommend Sarah & the team @ FPT

– Denise Morgan

You guys are AWESOME!! Everyone here is so great, I love coming here!

– Kim Ramsey

I have multiple injuries. Fullerton PT has really assisted me on my road to recovery. Ron, Kyle & Britney have been instrumental in helping me to walk again. I am very grateful to Fullerton PT for their knowledge and their caring personnel.

– Frank Lopez

Professional, caring and very knowledgeable about rehab for my knee! I would strongly recommend. My brother and wife have also nothing but praise for this establishment and their staff! Excellent!!

– John Garrett

The staff at FPT & Sports Care is caring and knowledgeable. The therapists are a critical part of the team in restoring function for my patients. I have confidence my patients will always get the excellent and timely care they need to optimize outcomes. My wife raves about her therapy experience following her low back surgery.

– David Downs, M.D.

As an orthopedic surgeon, quality physical therapy is absolutely essential for excellent patient outcomes. For nearly 28 years I have utilized Fullerton Physical Therapy & Sports Care, as my preferred choice for my orthopedic patients. The skilled therapists and staff provide hands on therapy using state-of-the-art techniques to ensure optimal results. This is a privately owned community based therapist group who I recommend without reservation!

– Stewart Shanfield, M.D.


Thank you for helping me get my life back. I’ll always be grateful.

– AL


Thank you for all you did to help my leg heal and be strengthened! You were a joy to work with and so encouraging.

– Anne


Thank you for your excellent professional treatment.

– Burt (Fighting Squadron Five)

To all Therapists and staff,

Thank you so much for all the excellent care and attention to seeing that our bodies are made whole and in better condition so we can function at a normal pace.

– Love you all, Ellie & Rudy

Thank you for all your kindness and promptness in taking care of me.

– Steve

Thank you for the great care and treatment you gave me. You truly care and have compassion for your patients.

– Gail

To the staff and therapists,

Thank you for all your caring and smiles. You lift my spirits. The therapists are great and always so helpful with their expertise.

– LaDean